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Modle:Hot Cold Water Tap Bathroom Basin Tap QH0135BA
Details: Specifications
-Brass Body,Chrome 
-Ceramic Valve 
-Hot Cold Water Tap,Bathroom Basin Tap,Sensor Tap 

1) Product Information:                                                                                                                     
Name: Hot Cold Water Tap,Bathroom Basin Tap,Sensor Tap 
Hot Cold Water 

It has a sensitive sensor so you don’t have to touch the handle to turn on and shut off. With this faucet,your water consumption will be reduced tremendously and you will never worry about overflowing again.Great for home & commercial use..

2) Product Features:                                                                                                                           
* Touch free:the water flushes automatically when your hands access  
* Water temperature adjustable
* Hygienic:without touching,bacteria mutual infections can be avoided
* Sensing range adjustable:12 - 18cm adjustable distance according to requirements
* AC and DC dual choice:can be chosen by exchanging battery box and power box
* Save electricity:the faucet can run for two years with four AA alkaline batteries
* Anti-disturbance ability:anti high-frequency signal and glare disturbance 
* Brass body with the temperature handle besides.It is a mixer,the cold water in the left turning,the hot water in right turning.
* Dimension: 20(Height)*5.5(Width)*12(Length)
* Engineered for a lifetime of use
* Single-hole configuration
Is the last of a product!
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