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Modle:Touchless Automatic Electronic Sensor Urinal Flusher QH0130


Touchless Automatic electronic sensor Urinal Flusher.
Sensor urinal flusher Features
1.Single-stationary-state fluidic valve adopts the technology of controlling water through water pressure, no mechanic wear. It, high in reliability, small in volume, low power consumption (dynamic current: 30mA).
2. No electric contact and adhesion like the electromagnetic valve.
3. Design of preventing from obstacles, no special demand to water quality.
4. The products are sanitary, safe, energy-saving, reliable, and strong in capacity of anti-interference.
5. The control circuit is designed to be high in consumption-saving effect (static current 0.002mA, dynamic current 30mA), and double power-saving dormancy circuit.
6. Adopting lithium dry battery, it can be used more than 400 thousand times (5 years or so). It is not necessary to change the battery frequently.
7. No high voltage power supply, it is good in safety.

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