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     Thermostat tap

The use of NI-TI shape-memory alloy can induce the temperature of running water and control the size of hot and cold water flows and get the result of regulating temperature. The accurate water temperature is safe and comfortable, high-efficient and water-saving, taking good care of the safety of you and your family.

1. Thermostatic control  keeping the stability of the temperature of outflow water;
2. Safety index (set at 38℃): Built-in children's protector with the temperature not exceeding the set value;
3. When cold water is cut off suddenly, the hot water will be closed automatically so as to prevent scalding;
4. It only needs to use a finger to regulate temperature;
5. The high-quality low-lead brass gravity-cast body has a lead content less than 1.2% - 2%;
6. The built-in filter prevents impurities from entering;
7. Water-saving device - Water-saving standards in Europe is suitable for the water pressure of 1-5bars;
8.Thesurface is plated with chromium.

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   Thermostat tap
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