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In the modern life, the house decoration requires not only comfort, good-looking, simplicity but practical application as well. The kitchen, this place of square cun, is also a most functional place in the entire family, especially the water trough is used most frequently in the families of China, therefore, analogized a the heart of the kitchen so that selecting a good trough is to bring a function to add the finishing touch for your entire kitchen.
Bela endeavors to facilitate each detail of a trough summatate and keep improving, and supervise strictly every production process. Our advanced technology, fine workmanship and perfect installations guarantee the consumers to obtain more satisfying and perfect produce. Let each product to own a persistent life-force and raise the life quality of the people extremely.

1. Professional steel plate
Adopt 304/2B suitable most to the water trough and imported special stainless steel enriched in Mn and Cr and rust proofing high, corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant, refractory, non-polishing, portable, non-aging, non-absorbing water and non-hiding dirt.
2. Anti-overflowing unit
Dongpeng has the water trough fitted with a overflowing unit, a special deep retaining edge and an overflow proof device, guaranteeing a double dredge.
3. Trough spraying bottom
The bottom is noise-proof, water/air tight and temperature-different dew condensate proof to protect the cabinet and reduce the water falling noise and keep clean and natural.
4.Fit depth
The basin bottom is deepened to solve the obsession for the consumers difficult to wash the big volumetric articles in the common trough.
5. Leakless and anti-clogging
Dongpeng has its water trough designed and fitted with leakless and anti-clogging unit which adopts a leading fall hollow postposition and side-hole positioning fall. The downpipe is made of PP material or UPVC, high in tightness, elastic, heatproof, anti-cracking, long in life, reasonable in figure design, deodorization, aftertaste proof, easy in installation, without phenomena of blocking and weeping.
6. Light installation
May chose multiple installation ways, e.g. the installing ways on/off the stage; employ tapping screws to tight up, ensure tightness; safe and convenient in operation.
7. Durable lasting
Select the fine stainless steel with anti-scrape performance enabling the trough durable and new permanently.
8. Practical fittings
All the fittings are based on use, resulted in the overall design to embody an exquisite assembly and form a system itself.

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